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Have you ever felt an attraction toward the priesthood or religious life but found that your needs or calling took you in another direction? Well be assured that what you were drawn to is still available to you within the Catholic Church! The Church clearly affirms that every baptized catholic (male and female!) shares in the priesthood of Christ - a priesthood that is much needed in this world. Most laypersons, however, lose touch with the reality of this authority given them because they have very little to remind them of the sublime nature of their role, and because, unlike those in professed orders, they have no social support of fellow religious to nurture their priestly ministry. The purpose of this website is to establish a network of devout catholics who wish to experience, and exercise, their priestly ministry daily in a world in need of grace, and to inspire them to realize the powerful way in which the annointing of the Holy Spirit makes them effective in ministry and intercession!  


Requirements for membership in this association only include that one is baptized, performs some simple ongoing service to the church and is willing to commit to some daily prayer in union with the order as a whole. To find out more information about joining us please visit or email me at, that is bro_joe... If you make this commitment I will email you a certificate of membership and invite you to join our e-group. Thanks!