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There is no need to offer statistics to show that the Church today and the world in general are in dire need of grace. Indeed, the sorry state of both are one of the reasons why so many do not believe anymore! My appeal to you, friend is to take a minute and look at the commitment described on the Rule page of this website. If you are Catholic, then surely you will see that what is described is not extraordinary, but falls entirely within the category of what Our Lord and the Church request of all of us.


Sin is so rampant today, and there are so few Catholics who have faith or even attend Mass regularly! Thus the burden of mediating grace to a fallen world falls on fewer shoulders. Will you take up that burden even in the little ways described here? Will you join me in creating one more channel of God's grace through which mercy may be poured upon a needy world? I am not even asking that you bother to let me know. But if you do, if you email me a simple note that you accept the call, then I will include you personally in my prayers and will send you in response such thanks as I am able. You only have to visit a news website and spend two minutes perusing the headlines to see how much power Satan has been given in this world and how desperately our prayers and service are needed!


May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly and may the Sacred Heart always be your home.